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Increase intuition with pendulum dowsing, dowsing rods, dowsing charts, and more!

Subconscious Mind Training

Learning to dowse gets you in touch with your subconscious mind, a very powerful force.

Look Within

Stop looking for answers everywhere else when you have so many already available to you.

Improve Your Life

Making the right decisions helps get our life on the right track.

Introduction to Dowsing Online Course

Have you ever wanted to tap into the power of your subconscious mind? Did you know that learning to dowse can help you achieve that?

It seems that the claims of self-help tools and programs get more outrageous every day.  Dowsing does not solve all your problems, make you rich, or fix everything that’s broken in your life.  It does, however, allow you to take better control over your life by letting your inner subconscious express itself in a way you can see and experience.  Dowsing can be a very useful tool to keep in your “spiritual toolbox”.

Since 2006, this affordable online dowsing course An Introduction to Dowsing has helped dozens of students all across the globe find their way into dowsing.

Dowsing course outline:

Lesson 1) Introduction, What Dowsing Is
Lesson 2) Dowsing Tools
Lesson 3) Programming Your Tools
Lesson 4) Finding Lost Objects
Lesson 5) Map Dowsing
Lesson 6) Pendulum Chart Dowsing
Lesson 7) Conclusion

This course is set up for you to work at your own pace. Please don’t rush, take the time to absorb the material presented in the lessons and practice. You will be required to give thoughtful feedback on most lessons to continue through and will receive a final participation grade. Upon finishing this course, you may opt to purchase a beautiful certificate of completion.

Required materials:

1) Access to the Internet – The entire course is online
2) A pendulum – You can easily make your own with household objects
3) L-Rods – You can easily make your own with wire clothes hangers
4) Pen and paper, a ruler and map are helpful
5) Time

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn dowsing online from a personal tutor. Enroll by logging in below. You’ll be required to register an account, after which you’ll see “My Courses” on the left hand panel after logging in.  Make sure you enter a valid email address.

Enrollment fee: $29

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